Iconic Southern Style in Home Decor

Iconic Southern Style in Home Decor


Both timeless and beautiful, the traditonal style of Southern design continues to gain popularity in homes across the country. Southern style is often characterized by traditional patterns, deep classic colors and rich textures. Living in the South is not a prerequisite to incorporating this look into your home and I’ll share some tips here on how you can get started.


Southerners are definitely not afraid of color. Warm colors prevail in most traditional southern design. You will find rich reds, classic blues, golds and deep greens on everything from walls to furniture. Wall color is one of the easiest ways to elevate a room and create a warm, inviting backdrop for everything in the room from furniture to rugs and accessories.

Furniture & Furnishings:

The largest investment in any room is usually the furniture. Southerners put much emphasis on comfort and creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere for family and friends. Because southerners are known for their hospitality and love of entertaining, furniture selection is important to creating the warm environment. Comfy plush sofas, large oversized chairs with ottomans for putting your feet up are staples in the living areas of a southern home. A mixture of wood stains, painted furniture and metals are common. Antiques can be mixed with modern pieces for a llved-in look and feel. In the kitchen as well as more formal dining areas, round tables are a unique feature and promote for better conversation and more intimate dining experiences. Pair casual or formal dining tables with mis-matched wood chairs or upholstered parson style chairs. Bedrooms are meant to be relaxing and a refuge at the end of the day. Four poster beds and upholstered headboards are found in many southern primary bedooms along with bachelor chests used as bedside tables. A small comfy chair for reading is a plus if space permits.

Patterns & Prints:

As with paint color, Southerners are no strangers to the use of pattern in design. Be it toile and gingham or large scale florals or plaids, you will find patterns and prints in the typical southern home. Used in drapes, upholstery and wallpaper, nothing adds more interest to a room than incorporating a mix of patterns. Don’t be shy when it comes to mixing patterns if you want to add some southern charm to your home.

Textures & Textiles:

Southern-inspired homes are filled with a plethora of textures. You’ll find linen, silk and cotton on drapes and bed linens to leather and velvets on upholstery. Wood, rattan and wicker add visual interest as well. Wool rugs are a great investment to anchor a room and look great with leather or other upholestery pieces.

Accents & Accessories:

Home accessories are where you bring in your personality with pieces that are uniquely you. Southern homes are filled with things that have been passed down for generations, collected and cherished. This look can’t be truly achieved with the purchase of all new items in a home decor store. Take your time to curate pieces that express your personal style. Display special momentos from your childhood or interesting items from travels. Accessories are the finishing touches to any room so choose ones that you’ll enjoy living with day to day.

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